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The outlaw Roger Godberg

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As well as the legend of Robin Hood...

Medieval Sherwood Forest had its own recorded outlaw at large, Roger Godberg.

Outlawed for his involvement in the 2nd Barons’ War (Simon De Montfort against Henry III 1264-1267).

Roger Godberg fled to Sherwood Forest.

Roger de Leyburn, the lieutenant of Reginald de Grey, the king’s Constable at Nottingham castle fought 2 engagements with him and his followers…

One in the heart of Sherwood Forest!

In 1270 they were still at large:

“through outlaws, robbers, thieves and malefactors, mounted, or on foot, wandering by day and by night, in the counties of Nottingham, Leicester and Derby, so many and great homicides were done that no one with a small company could pass through most parts without being taken and killed or spoiled of his goods…”

A price was put on their heads:

Henry III ordered that a sum of a hundred marks be levied from the three counties and paid to Reginald de Grey to hunt them down.

They were eventually captured and Roger was sent to the castle at Bruges- probably a more terrible punishment than it sounds...