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These days offer people the chance to get involved in archaeology and to learn new skills under supervision from professional Archaeologists- these make ideal gifts for friends and family who might have always wanted to try archaeology…
These days are also designed to help people who wish to, to gain experience towards completing Primary Skills for their Archaeological Skills Passport.

Introduction to Archaeology Day - £30 Per person per day
2nd June 2016

King John’s palace, Clipstone, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

Have you, or someone you know, always wanted to have a go at Archaeology? Have you/they, always wanted to experience the excitement and thrill of digging up artefacts from the past, and connecting with the events and people of times long gone?

Well now you/they can, under the supervision of Archaeologists as part of the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project.

Participants will excavate a number of ‘shovel- pits’ under supervision and learn how to trowel and find artefacts from the past as part of ongoing research into the medieval palace of Clipstone.

Shovel pits are 50cm x 50cm square pits excavated to understand the distribution of artefacts from the past in the ground.

This is the perfect way to fulfil a life’s ambition and perhaps take the first steps on a fantastic journey into re-discovering people, objects, and places from the past…  

King John’s Palace in Sherwood Forest. MAP.

King John’s Palace was a Royal hunting palace at the heart of the world famous Sherwood Forest in the medieval period.

The site was visited by eight kings from Henry II; in the second half of the 12th century, to Richard II; at the end of the 14th century, and was a once extensive and grand royal palace nestled in the heart of Sherwood Forest.

The archaeology that participants will be involved in forms part of a shovel pitting project investigating the whole site of the royal palace, and everything found will help in the greater understanding of the site. This project is part of a larger body research into the palace of Clipstone, and the wider Sherwood Forest (learn more by checking out the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project. Page).

As part of the day you or your friend will also have a tour of the site and the chance to learn about the History and Archaeology of Sherwood Forest, and about the medieval legends of Robin Hood.

So why not come along yourself or buy a great gift for a friend or family member and become part of the history of the Medieval Royal Palace at the heart of Robin Hood’s Sherwood Forest!

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Introduction to Archaeology Day 2/6/2016




June 2nd 2016

A Fantastic Gift for a Friend!!

Introduction to Archaeology Day
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