When a report or article is available for public access it will be accessible via the links below:

As professional archaeologists the full publication of our work is essential.

 Mercian never undertake archaeological works without reporting to the required levels, and believe that reporting is a fundamental requirement of the profession. Reports are one of the ways in which a company’s ethos and professionalism can be judged and Mercian always strive to produce reports of the highest standard in order to meet our aim of producing quality research.  

We would advise anyone to please check that a provider has a track record of delivering reports before working with them.

We publish all or our work to the Standards and Guidance of the Chartered Institute of Archaeologists in line with Archaeological Best Practice.

Publications and Academic Papers:

Transactions of the Thoroton Society (of Nottinghamshire): A romantic royal retreat, and an idealised forest in miniature: The designed landscape of medieval Clipstone, at the heart of Sherwood Forest by Andy Gaunt and James Wright. 2013.

Transactions of the Thoroton Society (of Nottinghamshire): Community Archaeology  at Thynghowe, Birklands, Sherwood Forest. Lynda Mallett, Stuart reddish, John Baker, Stuart Brookes and Andy Gaunt. 2012.


Transactions of the Thoroton Society (of Nottinghamshire): Bothamsall Castle, Nottinghamshire. An Archaeological and historical Landscape Analysis

Andy Gaunt and James Wright, 2011.


University of Birmingham Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity: Clipstone Park and the Kings Houses- Reconstructing and interpreting a medieval landscape through non-invasive techniques.

Andy Gaunt 2011


Mercian Occasional Paper 2: The Kings Houses- A Palace or a mere hunting Lodge? The Story of the 20th century misidentification of a royal palace in Sherwood Forest

James Wright 2013.


Stone Age Nottinghamshire Book:

by David Budge (and a chapter on the Neolithic by Chris Robinson).

Before becoming a director of Mercian Archaeological Services CIC; David Budge wrote a book on the archaeology of prehistoric hunter-gatherers in Nottinghamshire (whilst working for Nottinghamshire County Council).


Standing Building Survey Report: Brammer Farm House & Arundel Cottage

James Wright.


Excavation of the Medieval Boundary Ditch of King John’s Palace, Kings Clipstone, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire.

Andy Gaunt, James Wright, David Budge and Sean Crossley.


The Clipstone Village Archaeology Project Phase 1 by David Budge. 2013.

Test-pitting the Waterfield Demense, Clisptone, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire

 David Budge and Andy Gaunt. 2013.

Standing Building Survey Report: Brammer Farm House & Arundel Cottage.

James Wright. 2013.

Media/ Television/ Newspapers:

Mercian in Heritage Daily Magazine:

Archaeologists further knowledge of Palace in Sherwood Forest   



Mercian Archaeological Services Community Archaeology

Archaeological Reports:

King John's Palace Boundary Ditch Excavation Report Thynghowe archaeological excavation report Sherwood Forest Nottinghamshire

The ‘CourtCircle’ Excavation at Thynghowe, Hanger Hill, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire. Archaeological Report. Gaunt and Crossley 2014.

Andy Gaunt and Sean Crossley


Robin Hood's Village Dig 2014, Test Pitting Project, Interim Report.

Andy Gaunt


Mercian in the Chad Newspaper: Unearthing Mansfield’s secret past

Andy Gaunt


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Thynghowe Hanger Hill ‘Court Circle Excavation Short Report.  

Andy Gaunt. 2013.

Carved 14th Century Medieval Window Tracery, from the site of King John’s Palace.

David Budge. 2014.

Field- Walking at St Edwin’s Chapel, Clipstone.

David Budge. 2014.

Geophysical Magnetometer Survey Short Report, King John’s Palace, Clipstone.

Andy Gaunt 2014.

Excavation at King John’s Palace (Summer School  2014) Short Report.  

David Budge. 2014.

Edwinstowe Test Pitting Project Short Report  

Andy Gaunt. 2014.

Standing Building Survey Report: Maun Cottage.

James Wright. 2013.

James Wright. 2014.

 An Integrated Archaeological Survey of Cuckney Churchyard, Castle, and surroundings.

Cuckney, Nottinghamshire, 2016. Archaeological Report.

Andy Gaunt and Sean Crossley


Battle of Hatfield
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Discover King John’s Test-pitting project.

David Budge. 2015.

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Geophysical Ground Penetrating Radar Survey, King John’s Palace

Andy Gaunt 2015.

Thynghowe Geophysical Magnetometer Survey

David Budge. 2015.

Cuckney Castle and Churchyard Survey Interim

Andy Gaunt. 2015.

Discover King John’s Palace-  Test Pitting 2016

Report available shortly

Please email for information

Ashby Bath Grounds, Geophysical Survey and Topographic Survey Report 2016, Ashby de la Zouche, Leicestershire, Mercian Archaeological Services CIC Andy Gaunt

 Ashby de la Zouch Geophysical Magnetometer, and Resistance Survey, and Topographic Survey Report 2016. Ashby Bath Grounds, memorial Field and Council Field, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire. Archaeological Report.

Andy Gaunt


Excavation of an 18th Century Pottery Kiln at Ley Farm, Heath End, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Leicestershire. Interim Report.

David Budge


“Digging the Demense”, Community Archaeology Test Pitting Project, at Waterfield Farm, King’s Clipstone, Nottinghamshire. Interim Report.


David Budge

Kings Clipstone Village Project, Interim Report.


David Budge and Andy Gaunt

Russia coverage of Мерсийской археологической службы ( Mercian Archaeological Services CIC's ) work at King John's Palace:

Sherwood Forest in Russian Newspaper BBC Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Archaeology Experience Nottinghamshire Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Archaeology Nottingham Post Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Archaeology

BBC Website:


Nottingham Post Article:


Nottinghamshire NottsTV Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Archaeology

Robin Hood’s Village Dig on NottsTV:

Experience Nottinghamshire Blog on the Robin Hood’s Village Dig:


Nottinghamshire NottsTV Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Archaeology Nottinghamshire NottsTV Robin Hood Sherwood Forest Archaeology

Walking Through History with Tony Robinson- Channel 4.

King John’s Ruin: In Sherwood Forest and the Peak District, Tony Robinson explores the story of King John, the hapless monarch who stumbled from one crisis to another…

Channel Four's Walking Through History with Tony Robinson Sherwood Forest and King John's Palace Andy Gaunt Archaeology

Mercian’s Andy Gaunt is interviewed at King John’s Palace (above) having acted as consultant to the show.


Channel Four’s Walking Through History with Tony Robinson- Andy Gaunt Interviewed by Tony Robinson at King John’s palace, and at The Parliament Oak in Sherwood Forest.

Andy Gaunt acted as programme consultant, locations advisor and onsite expert.

Mercian in Current Archaeology Magazine February 2014:

Hunting King John's Palace in Sherwood Forest... covering some of our work for the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project.

Page 11 Issue 287.

Archaeology Magazine (USA) September / October 2016

Mercian Archaeological Services CIC and our work at King John’s Palace in the Sept-Oct 2016 edition of the Archaeology Magazine- Official Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Royal Sherwood: A long-overlooked site, the excesses of English royalty, and the origin of a legend


Archaeology Magazine Robin Hood Sherwood Forest King John's Palace Mercian Archaeological Services CIC

East Midlands Community Archaeology News, Issue 1.



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