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The Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project seeks to be a long term sustainable community archaeology research project. To do so it relies on a wide range of funding sources including charged events, corporate sponsorship, private sponsorship, public funding, fundraising events and crowdfunding.

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Sherwood Forest History

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Public Funding:

Various individual projects have received funding from public bodies. Often the projects are match-funded by contributions from the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project through the community investment of Mercian Archaeological Services CIC.

Through match-funding from Mercian as part of the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project the funding bodies and the public receive the best possible value for money from sponsoring projects.

This is an added value of working with Mercian Archaeological Services CIC and the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project.

Project funders include:

Heritage Lottery Fund Sherwood Forest The People's Millions Mercian Archaeological Services Sherwood Forest The Big Lottery Sherwood Forest Magna Carta 800 The Big Lottery Fund Sherwood Forest


Award Winners 2016

for "Engaging people in the heritage, history & archaeology of Sherwood Forest".

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World-wide Robin Hood Society

Robin Hood Society Feather in Your Cap Award 2016

Fundraising work through sponsorship- Robin Hood Challenges:

The Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project also raises money through direct fundraising campaigns and sponsorship- known as “Robin Hood Challenges”

Andy Gaunt raises £500 in a “Robin Hood Challenge” half marathon run!

In September 2016 Mercian Director Andy Gaunt undertook the first RobinHood Challenge when he ran the Robin Hood Half Marathon to raise money to engage young people with autism in archaeology in Sherwood Forest.

The run collected sponsorship amounting to £500.

This money will be used in conjunction with local organisation “Spectrum Wasp” Parental Support for Autism, Asperger's and ADHD - a support group for parents with children on the autistic spectrum. Based at Ransom Hall at Ransom Wood Business Park, in Sherwood Forest.

Andy Gaunt Mercian Archaeological Services running the Robin Hood Half Marathon for the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project fundraising autism aspergers

Please note:

*Mercian Archaeological Services CIC give their time for free to deliver projects funded by “Robin Hood Challenges” to enable as many people from as many backgrounds as possible to join the Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project.*

Spectrum Wasp

Please watch this space for more information on this project…

Andy Gaunt Archaeologist, Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project fundraising Half Marathon 2016

Corporate and Community Funding:

Feedback from project sponsors

“Only Solutions LLP are proud to announce our part sponsorship of the Fieldwalking… at St.Edwins Chapel this week. Wonderful research whose time has come. We encourage local businesses and community groups to consider sponsoring the Sherwood Archeology Project... making a future for Sherwood’s amazing past.

Thanks Mercian Archeological Services CIC for rooting your energy in our Landscape.

Please see our Project Sponsors Page for details of sponsors


Is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.

The Sherwood Forest Archaeology Project is funded in part by he generous contribution of the Internet community who help to support community involvement and sustain archaeological research in this landscape of legends…




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