Topographic Survey Training Day - 3 day course

£120 Per person. Thurs 12th, Fri 13th & Sat 14th of April, 2018.

Kings John’s Palace and the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, Nottinghamshire.

Classroom at the Tin Tabernacle, King John’s Palace.

Fieldwork at the Palace and at Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve

In archaeology the ability to measure the location of a site, artefact, or earthwork is essential..

Nowadays many archaeological sites use either GPS or Total Station for site survey. Differential GPS can record points of circa 1cm accuracy levels in three dimensions, and can also allow real time on the fly measurements to be taken allowing large areas of land to be surveyed. The total station is an electronic theodolite and Electronic Distance Measurer that records point locations by measuring distance and angles.

This course will teach the required skills that are used on excavations and other sites for locating features using GPS and total Station.

The course will also go further to enable participants to learn the complex skills of archaeological topographic survey, recording a site with a combination of both objective and subjective survey methods.

Topographic Survey Training day course aims to help participants learn about the theory, science, uses, methods, logistics, deployment, data collection, data processing, and reporting, behind archaeological topographic surveying.

The course will include a mixture of classroom and field based working. This is a field based training course consisting of hands-on experience backed up by some work in a classroom style environment. YOU will undertake the work in a group and collect real data in the field.

The course will include:


Students will meet at 9:30 at King John’s Palace in Clipstone. The training will take place at the site of the Palace, and a survey will be undertaken in Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve. Full details of the site will be provided nearer the time, but will be within 2 miles of King John’s Palace (transport from the classroom sessions to the field will be provided if required). MAP.

Archaeological Skill Passport

Undertaking this course can help towards achieving one of the levels prescribed by the Skill Passport:

PRINCIPLE: Be able to set up and use either onboard memory or software to record points, coded layers & features to absolute or site coordinates.

Skills Passport Principle: Be able to assist carry out a survey is the systematic collection of geophysical data for archaeological imaging or mapping – Setting out, collecting and producing the final result

Novice – Can assist in the measurements or the recording of measurements.

Competent – Is able to set up a machine for measurements and help record, but requires help to complete the process of producing a survey plan from these measurements.

Proficient – Will confidently set up and record the readings either via an onboard memory or attached data logger producing an accurate survey for buildings, plans or topographic work.

If you want you can use your training to reach goals on your Archaeology Skills Passport

This helps keep a record of your archaeological experience and training in a recognised industry supported way.

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Topographic Survey Training 2018




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Archaeological Skill Passport TRAINING

Designed to work with the Archaeology Skills Passport

These days are aimed at people who have experienced archaeology before either as a student, volunteer, or professionally; who want to learn a wider range of skills. These days are also designed to help people who wish to, to gain experience towards completing Secondary Skills for their Archaeological Skills Passport.

The survey training will begin at King John’s Palace, former royal heart of Sherwood Forest, and then move to the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve where earthworks from Medieval Holloways and ridge and furrow to Second World War Military dug-outs will be surveyed.

As well as being a training survey, this course will undertake real archaeological research, mapping and recording earthworks as part of a level two survey of archaeological features as part of the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve Archaeological Survey.

The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest Total Station Survey at King John's Palace in Sherwood Forest

Ancient trackway through the Forest which will be recorded in the survey

The Major Oak legendary hideaway of Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest

Learning to survey with Total Station at King John’s Palace

The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest Total Station Survey at King John's Palace in Sherwood Forest


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