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Nottinghamshire Day 2016

As part of Nottinghamshire1000 an annual Nottinghamshire Day is to be launched. This is to celebrate the county’s rich heritage and culture and champion its achievements and landmarks. Date to be announced soon.

Sherwood Forest Annual Spring Thing 2016

Celebrate 1000 years of the county of Nottingham becoming a shire this Spring.

Join in with The Friends of Thynghowe and Forestry Commission Woods and Forests with their special guests from Regia Anglorum, as they recreate events of 1000 years ago.

May 14th and 15th 2016 Sherwood Pines, Nottinghamshire.

Nottinghamshire 1000 events and projects so far:

Cantue 1000 Spring Thing Sherwood Forest

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The County of Nottinghamshire has existed in the record since 1016 when it was first recorded in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle as a territorial division. Its creation dates from the time of the Danelaw and the Danish Viking King Canute who was crowned King of England in the same year of 1016.

In 1000 years the history of Nottinghamshire has reflected many major historical events; the Vikings, the Norman Invasion, King John and the Magna Carta, the Plantagenet Kings,  the War of the Roses, the Pilgrim Fathers,  the Civil War,  the Industrial Revolution, and the Reformist movement. All this, and much more, happened alongside the ongoing creation of new communities and a broadening of our society.

To celebrate our joint history on Nottinghamshire's 1000th anniversary we would like to invite all our communities to mark their place in that story and record their part in a new public record of our heritage.

We are encouraging people to post memories of significant people, places and events that have connections with Nottinghamshire. These events can have happened anytime in the last 1000 years. We would then like to make a timeline, with an event for every day of the year. 365 reasons to celebrate our Nottinghamshire heritage and create a resource for anyone to use.

To achieve these goals we need funding. We'll do that. But we need as much support as possible. The more posts we get, and the more 'likes' for the page, the more evidence we will have to show funders.

We know how much knowledge you have, and we believe in people driving their own heritage and cultural development.

Simply post your suggestion onto the Nottinghamshire 1000 Facebook page

Nottinghamshire 1000 is a group of organisations that have joined together to help celebrate the 1000th anniversary of this great shire. The Sherwood Forest Trust, Mercian Archaeological Services CIC, The Friends of Thynghowe and Mickie Bradley, guardian and owner of King John's Palace, and Stuart Reddish Public Information Research Organisation (PIRO).

200th Anniversary of the 1816 Warsop Perambulation

A St George's Day Event in the County. The annual Perambulation to the Thynghowe Viking Assembly Site this year had a special meaning as it also marked the 200 year anniversary of what is believed to be the last Lorship Perambulation undertaken by the people of Warsop in 1816

Photograph courtesy of Lynda Mallett

200yr warsop perambulation Robin Hood Excavation Community Archaeology Album Edwinstowe Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood’s Village Dig 2016

1000 years of Nottinghamshire Timeline:

Project Partners:

Project Sponsors:

The Public Information Research Organisation

Coming soon

About Nottinghamshire 1000:

The Friends of Thynghowe

A partnership between:

Discover King John's Palace free excavation The Sherwood Forest Trust Mercian Archaeological Services CIC Community Archaeology

The Robin Hood’s Village Volunteer Dig is a long running community archaeology project investigating the development of the village of Edwinstowe

We are now taking booking for phase 3 July 12th- 16th 2016.

Please join the Mercian Mailing List at for more details and to book a place.


The Public Information Research Organisation is involved in the development of techniques that reconnect researchers, collections and archives with living knowledge-bearers in local communities.

Projects include:

Community archaeology projects which provide science training for local residents, students and teachers.

Knowledge repatriation programs conducted by community scholars, archive researchers and museum researchers who jointly study, publish and return archival information to communities, villages and schools.

The emphasizing of access and equality in community studies, thus helping to invigorate and redirect the connection between museums, libraries and archives in understanding our common anthropology.

The Public Information Research Organisation The Friends of Thynghowe

The Friends of Thynghowe

Discover King John's Palace free excavation The Sherwood Forest Trust Mercian Archaeological Services CIC Community Archaeology

Mercian Archaeological Services CIC

King John’s Palace

The Sherwood Forest Trust

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